Data Privacy Statement

1. Introduction

With your application, you are entrusting us with your personal information. It is of course very important for us to handle your personal data and information responsibly and keep it strictly confidential in accordance with the applicable legal data privacy regulations. We want you to know this so that you can feel confident and secure about providing your information to us.

2. Data Processing

The data you entrust us with will only be viewed and processed by Sunrise employees who are involved in filling the advertised job opening. These are employees of the human resources team as well as the supervisors in the department in which the job would be based. Of course we will not use your data for anything other than processing your concrete application unless you specify in the electronic application form that we can also review your documents for the purpose of filling other vacancies.

We will under no circumstances forward your data to other companies or persons outside of Sunrise Communications AG.

If your application is successful, then we will only continue to use the data and files you have given us for purposes related to the work contract.

3. Data Security

Your data will be automatically encrypted when it is transmitted to Sunrise Communications AG. Furthermore, we promise to use the latest modern technologies to protect against unauthorized access to your personal information. We are continually working to adapt the security standard to current technological advancements.

4. Deletion of Information

At any time - regardless of what stage of the application process has been reached - you may retract your application in "My Profile" and manually delete your information immediately.

5. Updating

We are continuously taking care to make sure this data privacy statement is up-to-date. The current policy applies to every interaction with Sunrise. You can find it here: Link.